1. What is Njom Njom and how does it work?

We are an online marketplace for food-related experiences. Via Njom Njom talented home chefs can arrange home dinners. We have different kind of delicious food available made by talented home chefs. Browse menus, sign in with your Facebook-profile, book a seat from home cook’s table and enjoy your meal!

2. What kind of restrictions there are for this type of home cooking business?

Regulations differ from country to county. In Finland you can run a Popup restaurant within following terms: Turnover should not exceed 10 000 €. You can run the Popup restaurant maximum 12 days per year. You are not allowed to serve any dishes which could be easily spoiled such as Tartar-meat, sushi or gravlax fish. Within these limits, you can run a Popup-restaurant without obligation to pay VAT. License from the Finnish Food Safety Authority is not needed either.

3. Who is responsible for a possible food poisoning or allergic reaction?

Each cook is individually responsible for the safety of the food. According to the Finnish law, Popup restaurant is not allowed to serve any dishes which could be easily spoiled such as Tartar-meat, sushi or gravlax fish. You can read more about the regulations for Popup restaurants from the following link in Finnish: https://www.evira.fi/en/foodstuff/manufacture-and-sales/food-business-operation/low-risk-level-is-a-requirement-for-pop-up-restaurants/

4. Is it possible to register to Njom Njom without Facebook account?

At the moment, you can only register with Facebook-credentials. This allows both the cook and customer to get to know each other before using the service.

5. Is it possible for the cook to act with alias or pseudonym?

At the moment your profile is linked with your Facebook profile, so it depends what info you share at Facebook. We want to build trust between our users and social profiles play important role here.

6. Is it allowed to organise dinners outside home?

Cook can arrange dinners at home but also elsewhere, for example in a park.

7. Can I be a Njom Njom cook outside of Finland? What does this require?

Yes you can! Regulations differ from country to country. We recommend you to find out the regulations in your country. Each Njom Njom cook is responsible for finding out the regulations in his / her country. In unclear cases we recommend you to consult a legal advisor.

8. What’s with Restaurant Day?

We’re offering our iT infrastructure to the Restaurant Day and it’s users, so four times a year our page gets flooded with Restaurant Day restaurants. On those days you can stil have your Njom Njom restaurants - they’re quite much like. Some features are missing on RD restaurants.

9. What is Restaurant Day?

Restaurant Day is a worldwide food carnival and a movement that allows anyone to set up a restaurant, café or a bar.

Pop-up restaurants can be opened anywhere: at your home, at the office, on a street corner, in your garden or inner courtyard, at a park, or on the beach – only your imagination is the limit.